AMAKS Shahter Essentuki
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Contraindications for sanatorium treatment in a sanatorium "«Shahter»" in Essentuki

General contraindications

  • All diseases in acute stage, chronic diseases in acute phase and complicated by acute purulent process.
  • Acute infectious diseases before the termination of term of isolation.
  • All venereal diseases in acute and contagious form.
  • All blood diseases in acute stage and exacerbation stage.
  • Cachexia of any origin.
  • Malignant neoplasms. (Patients after radical treatment for malignant tumors (surgery, radiant energy, of complex chemotherapy) with an overall satisfactory condition, the absence of metastasis, normal peripheral blood may be sent to the local sanatorium for restorative treatment).
  • All diseases and conditions requiring inpatient treatment, including surgical intervention, all diseases in which patients are not capable of independent movement and self-care, need bed special care (except for individuals subject to treatment in specialized sanatoriums for special patients).
  • Echinococcus any localization.
  • Repetitive or heavy bleeding.
  • Pregnancy during all periods on the Spa and mud resorts and climatic health resorts, starting from 26 weeks.
  • In addition, during all periods of pregnancy can not be directed to pregnant women at the resorts and in sanatoriums:
    • for balneogrjazelechenie about gynecological diseases
    • for the treatment of radon baths of extragenital diseases
    • residents of the plains to the mountain resorts located at an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level.
  • All forms of tuberculosis in active stage for all resorts and sanatoria of non-tubercular profile.
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