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АМАКС «Шахтер» ЕссентукиОдна из лучших здравниц Северного Кавказа!

The "Shakhter" sanatorium Essentuki — official site

We invite You to the sanatorium "Shakhter" - one of the best resorts of the North Caucasus! The resort is located in Yessentuki in a clean, well-maintained and extraordinarily beautiful area.

It is located in the heart of the city, between the magnificent green parks, in the vicinity of drinking water sources "Essentuki 4" and "Essentuki 17". The resort is located just 300 m from the railway station of Yessentuki and 45 km from the airport of Mineralnye Vody. Rest in the sanatorium "miner" is a service according to European standards, excellent food, comfortable accommodation and high level of medicine.

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Treatment in the sanatorium "Shakhter"

Modern medical base, high professionalism of doctors, natural medical factors, hornostipol soft climate and curative parks resort in Essentuki became a unique Wellness-based resorts.

The basic profile of treatment:

  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • diabetes mellitus (type I and II)
  • associated diseases: gynecological and urological diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, respiratory organs, allergic diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, ENT diseases.
Treatment program "Tonus"
Sometimes you want to escape from the bustle of the city, to go to a quiet place to relax and to forget about all the problems.
Treatment program "Gastroenterology for children"
Health is an important element in child development, and the goal of parents is to care for the comfort and well-being. Our resort welcomes children from 4 years and creates all conditions in order for Your child to grow and develop properly.
Treatment program: "Movement without pain"
Lightness in movement and an active lifestyle is an integral part of human life, keeping up with the times, but often it is hampered by problems associated with pain in the joints.
Treatment program "Gastroenterology"
Problems with the gastrointestinal tract can be concerned about any of us, that affects not only mood and quality of life. Rehabilitation program will help to reduce the clinical symptoms or to completely get rid of them, improve overall health and achieve sustained remission of 6 months.

Rest in the sanatorium "Shakhter"

While in the resort, You can pamper yourself with SPA treatments, a gym, a modern aquatic centre. For our guests there is a restaurant decorated in the Palace style. For those who prefer an active lifestyle, we have prepared sporting activities to choose from: Pilates, water aerobics, tennis and table tennis, and Billiards.

You will also appreciate a wide choice of excursions, telling about the North Caucasus. In the evening you can attend dances, and enjoy a concert.

For business meetings and negotiations in the health resort has 2 meeting rooms.

Our resort is the ideal place for a family holiday. Especially for younger guests there is a children's games room — a place where each child is comfortable and interesting. Thus parents can be assured that their child is completely safe – the professional educator will not only monitor Your baby and not give him bored!

Recreation and leisure
Regenerating effect on the body, improving sleep, relieving stress, good health, great mood, immune support.
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