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Sanatorium "Shakhtar" is a unique health resort, combining ancient architecture, comfortable accommodation, a modern center for diagnostics, treatment and recreation.

The resort never stands still and is gaining momentum every day! Our complex has a long history, and has already established itself as a reliable partner. We are always open to new ideas and projects. We invite travel companies to cooperate with the organization of rest and treatment for their clients. We also accept collective applications from companies and organizations for the placement of employees and events. There are special offers for sports teams.

For their part, always ready to offer mutually beneficial conditions. Take advantage of all the advantages of working with our sanatorium. Cooperating with us, you get:

  • 1. Personal manager.
  • 2. Training your staff in the features of the health resort, an explanation of the services provided.
  • 3. Information and technical support.
  • 4. Invitation to an exciting promotional tour.
  • 5. Providing colorful promotional materials and booklets.

If you are interested in cooperation with the Shakhtar sanatorium, you can contact us in any way convenient for you.

Phone: +7 (863) 310-01-43
Email: [email protected]

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