AMAKS Shahter Essentuki
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One of the best resorts in the North Caucasus is the Shakhter resort complex. It is located almost in the very center of the city of Essentuki in a magnificent park zone near the healing mineral springs. Unique natural healing factors, modern equipment and high professionalism of the staff provide a comfortable rest and effective treatment.


What is being treated at a sanatorium in Yessentuki?


The main profile of the resort are diseases of the digestive system and metabolic disorders. This is due to the unique qualities of mineral water - the main therapeutic factor of the sanatorium. Patients with liver diseases, chronic gastritis, ulcers receive the most effective treatment here. Diabetes mellitus is also well compensable with special individual programs.


Additionally, the Shakhter sanatorium offers relief from cardiovascular, skin diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory organs. The balneological procedures offered at the resort are very helpful. For women: they help get rid of gynecological problems, normalize hormonal balance, improve skin condition, reduce weight.

Procedures applied in the Shakhtar sanatorium

The main medical factors of the Shakhtar sanatorium are balneotherapy. These are different types of mineral baths, Charcot's soul, fan, cascade, mud therapy, drinking healing water. In addition, the sanatorium offers more modern treatment methods:

  • ozone therapy
  • visit to salt caves
  • galvanotherapy
  • colon hydrotherapy
  • electrotherapy with ultrasound, magnetic and laser radiation
  • phonophoresis
  • impulse therapy
  • massage and exercise therapy

Sanatorium Staff

The positive results of therapy at the resort are provided by the complex effect of all factors: climatic, modern equipment, doctors' qualifications. The high professionalism of the entire staff ensures competent effective treatment and an individual approach. Most of the doctors in the sanatorium have the highest qualification category and extensive experience. But apart from the professionalism of all of them, they are characterized by a warm, friendly attitude towards patients. Therefore, in 98% of cases after treatment in a sanatorium, people feel significant improvements in their state of health and quality of life.

Come to Shakhtar sanatorium. Magnificent nature, clean air, healthy food and well-developed infrastructure will help you relax and unwind. And any violations in the state of health can be easily corrected with the help of healing waters and other procedures.

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