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Its history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century associated with the famous Dr. Zernov M. C. that Mikhail Stepanovich was the founder of the first CMS at the resort. In 1901 a Subsidiary company "Sanatorium", the initiator of which was also Dr. Zernov made a bookmark, and in 1910 was the official opening. Project sanatorium was created for poor people and was designed for 70 people.
Zernov himself constructed a device for electromassage, and having been in Paris with Professor Charcot, Michael S. brought its therapeutic shower in Russia. Due to the pressure and determination of Mikhail Stepanovich in the resort area there are also mud baths and thermal elektrobitovoy institutions with the most modern equipment: x-ray units, electrocardiograph machines, different types of electromassage. Poor patients are treated free of charge, the charge took only for accommodation and meals. "What a Paradise of God opened to us Zernov," wrote those who were lucky enough to go to Essentuki.

Barely opened the first sanatorium in Russia there is a new form of charity. Rich people have bought, there were chambers, and sent to treat those resorts can not afford. It is actors, Maria Savina, Vladimir Davydov. They were supported by the writer Korolenko, and then organizations: insurance companies, Treasury companies of Railways. One only the Moscow Art theatre immediately bought twelve rooms.
The improvement of the city of Essentuki has not ended, two years later, in 1912, opened another resort with lots of rooms, a dining room for 300 people and a library and named in honor of Dr. Zernov (in the future he will become "a Soviet miner"). This becomes the largest health resort in Essentuki, and in the post-revolutionary time, it housed the boarding house "Kazbek".

In 1937 next to the "Kazbek" built the first under the Soviet regime the sanatorium. Dzerzhinsky. During the Second World War they had wounded and the sick, then both of the resorts were destroyed by the bombing and shelling, and in 1948 began their recovery. In 1955, "Kazbek" and the sanatorium. Dzerzhinsky was combined into a single complex, which and called the sanatorium "Soviet miner", a complex attached cottage General Makarov, built in 1912. All objects are vintage, beautiful and original architecture, with balconies, terraces, towers, and the cottage itself is a monument of history and architecture of regional significance. "The Soviet miner" will become a favorite place of rest and treatment, not only miners, but also tourists from other countries, and will regain the title of the best health resorts KMV.

April 12, 1979 in Moscow the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR signed by Brezhnev and Giorgadze “on awarding of the sanatorium “Soviet miner” Essentuki for achievements in the organization of medical and health service workers” badge of Honor.

In 1995, the January 9 decree of the Head of the city health center into OAO miner and soon became the holder of the certificate of the Highest category.

Since 2006, the "Shakhtar" Sanatorium is included in the largest Russian hotel network "AMAKS Hotels&Resorts". Now the sanatorium "Shakhtar" — is a modern center for diagnosis, treatment and rest in the resort town of Essentuki. The sanatorium of higher medical category meets the requirements of the European standard of rooms and service.
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