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Services of the "Shahter" resort in Yessentuki


If You are not able to leave your pet at home, You can take it with you on a trip. Our resort welcomes guests with Pets. Policies, You can find the link:

Rules for guests with Pets.

Counseling therapist in Essentuki. Sanatorium "Shakhter"

For the modern man, constantly under the influence of stress present in the risk of developing many diseases associated with psychological discomfort. Therefore, timely access to a therapist about anxiety, low mood, insomnia allows to avoid the development of serious abnormalities and "nervous breakdowns".

Pillow menu

The secret to a healthy sleep choosing the right pillow. Experienced travelers know that the pillow is the most important thing in a hotel. To ensure Your comfort and a healthy sleep "Shakhter" sanatorium offers several different filling types of pillows.


For convenience, the "Shakhter" sanatorium provides a Shuttle service. To rent a car, you need a few days before arrival to contact our managers and contact details.

Ironing room

Each building of our resort has an Ironing room, equipped with all the necessary amenities (iron, Ironing Board). Guests may use this room around the clock.

Playgrounds and equipment rental

On the territory of our resort there are several outdoor activities. This is a big and table tennis, Billiards, ping-pong, Bicycle rental, outdoor fitness equipment, a swimming pool, gym and exercise room. Each guest will be able to spend free time and not only heal, but to bring the body in tone.


In the Central hall of the resort for convenience, is infomat - information source through which you can see with the infrastructure and services of the resort.

Laundromat service to our, and Laundry facilities

For comfortable stay in every building there is a room with landromat a washing machine, in which everyone will be able to bring their things in order. The room has landromat cost — 50 roubles.

Beauty salon

If You want to change your look or just refresh it, that includes our beauty salon, where experienced male and female masters will transform You. In the salon you can not only do different haircuts, but hairstyles as well as manicures, pedicures and eyebrow shaping.

Clothing repair

To sew, to alter, to cut, to improve the style and not only can our master repair and tailoring.

Beauty parlor

Indicator of the health of the body is the skin. Our professional beauticians, using modern equipment and best cosmetic line will make Your skin clean, fresh and toned.
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